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A Pest Control Company You Can Count On in Ft. Lauderdale

Whether you need an exterminator to help with dealing with Africanized bees, rats, bedbugs, or termites, you can count on us. Our expertly trained and bilingual exterminators make your home or business a great environment for everyone inside or nearby your building.

Our reliable pest control company has more than a decade of business experience, meaning you can trust the service we provide. Our tried-and-true methods maintain our high standards of quality. We’re known for our thorough rodent, pest, and bee removal services throughout the area. Follow-up visits ensure these intruders remain out in the wild where they belong rather than in your home or business.

Our team of experienced technicians is dedicated to making your living or work environment comfortable and safe. Don’t let disease-carrying pests put your employees or family at risk. One call will put an end to the frustrations of a pest infestation. From bee extermination to termite and ant removal services, we put an end to the infestation.

Exterminator Ft. Lauderdale

Pest Removal Services from Our Exterminator

As part of our dedication to customer service, we are committed to providing fast and friendly pest removal. Our team deals with a wide variety of bugs and critters in order to keep you protected throughout the year. Best of all, your satisfaction is our top priority. We work until your area is safe and clear of any pests.

Experienced & Dependable Exterminators

When you need help from a residential or commercial exterminator, our services will keep pests out for good. Our fast and effective techniques have been tested over the course of a decade, so you can count on our technicians to make your house or business comfortable again. We only use advanced equipment and products to manage any kind of infestation.

With our years of knowledge and practical experience, we know which equipment, products, and techniques can best eliminate specific pests from your property. Take advantage of our expertise next time you see something creeping into the corner of your home or business. We even start you off with a free pest inspection along with $25 off the first service you schedule.

Specializing in Bee Removal

When it comes to dealing with these stinging intruders, trust our bee removal professionals. Bee control takes a great amount of experience, reliable equipment, and industry know-how to ensure safe removal and extermination. Without an intricate plan and an appreciation for the severity of the situation, you could end up with serious pain from bee stings, or possibly a severe reaction.

Removing bees involves more than simply getting rid of the flying insects around your home or office. The hive and honeycomb must be removed as well. If they are left intact, then the bees will return to the area. Even after we make sure to remove these items, we perform follow-up visits to ensure no bees are trying to re-establish a hive near your home. Our team is dedicated to year-round protection.

We Cover All Types of Bees

A warm climate enables many types of bees and other related insects to flourish. Each species of bees presents unique challenges that our entire exterminator company takes into consideration. With our expertise, we know what techniques will best remove these insects to keep you, your family, or your business safe and healthy. The list of bee species is extensive, but some of the most common species found include:

  •  Africanized Bees
  •  European Bees
  •  Honey Bees
  •  Bumble Bees
  •  Sweat Bees
  •  Yellow Jackets
  •  Wasps

Fast & Friendly Termite Service

It only takes a matter of days for termites to start eating through the wood of your home or office. For preventing or removing an infestation, depend on our dedicated team of exterminators. We are ready to tackle any problem threatening your property, from routine termite inspection to fumigation. Protect your area and let us remove pests before they cause permanent and costly damage.

Protect Your Home with Our Termite Control

Once termites make a nest in your home, it takes a thorough job to get rid of them. Our termite control fully removes the pests before they do any more damage. Termites seek out moisture under your house and start living there. Then they begin chomping on your wood. After that happens, the structural integrity of your house may be at risk. To prevent this, we attack the infestation at the center.

Our team performs a thorough inspection in order to locate how they got into your house. Then we exterminate the infestation using a wide variety of effective techniques, including fumigation. This leaves you with a pest-free area. Depend on our budget-friendly termite treatment to ensure your house or office stays protected throughout the year.

Avoid Damage with Comprehensive Termites Inspection

The best way to deal with terminates is catch the pests before they infest your entire house. Prevention helps you avoid costly damage or even rebuilding parts of your home. That’s why our terminate inspection goes through every potential entry point for the pests. We check for signs throughout your area in order to find all of them before removal. There’s no time to delay when it comes to eradicate these most destructive pests.

Fumigation for Complete Elimination of Termites

There does come a time when fumigation is necessary for protecting your area from termites. This process gets rid of the pests completely as the fumes reach each and every crevice. We understand the inconvenience of having to leave your home or commercial building during the process, which is why we work quickly.

Our team sets up the tent and starts the termite treatment right away so you can move back in sooner. Once the process is over, we always test the air afterwards to ensure that it is safe to reenter.

Ant Control for Your Entire Home or Office

While ants usually build their colonies outside in your yard, they also infest your kitchen and rooms. They are searching for food inside, especially by going through open cracks in doors. Get rid of them with our proven ant control methods. We trace them back to their nest and focus on destroying it. This helps prevent them from return again. We are committed to getting the job done right the first time, so you don’t have to worry about a string of ants marching through your kitchen.

General Pest Removal Services

Thanks to our years of experience, and our licensed, bonded, and insured status, we’re the trusted name in pest removal. We take our pest removal seriously because we understand that the health of our clients is affected by the quality of our work. We assess your situation immediately in order to determine which course of action is best. Then our team delivers quality work at competitive prices.

Pest Removal Ft. Lauderdale

Contact us for a free inspection if you have any termites or other pests in your area. We eliminate your pests in Ft. Lauderdale, Miami Beach, Kendall, Homestead, Coral Gables, FL, and the surrounding areas.